Just Because.

Just because I’m Indian, doesn’t mean I like math

And that I’m serious all the time

In fact, I love to write and have a great sense of humor

Just because I’m a girl, doesn’t mean I’m not athletic

I play water polo and swim as fast as any boy

Just because I have black hair, doesn’t mean I’m boring

I love to spend time with my friends on the weekends

Just because I’m a teenager, doesn’t mean I’m a rebel

I’m just standing up for what’s right

Just because I live in Pleasanton, doesn’t mean I’m rich and snobby

But instead, I do understand the value of money

Just because I speak my mind, doesn’t mean I’m a smart mouth

It means I say what I believe in, and I want to be heard

Just because I’m 14, doesn’t mean my opinions don’t matter

I have my views about everything that matters

Just because I’m a daughter, doesn’t mean I need to be protected

I can fight for myself and stay safe on my own

Just because I’m smart, doesn’t mean I’m not pretty

I have all the beauty I need

Just because what?

You can’t define me with words

Don’t judge me based on who you see

Judge me based on me.

I am who I am, just because

I am me.



Bang! Bang! Bang!

The shots echoed as they rang off the lockers in the halls

Heads turned in confusion, Feet shuffled around

Murmurs started rising to screams

Kids ran as far as they possibly could…

But sadly nothing was far enough

The monster was coming,

he was close

He walked in and

they saw him leaning over them

He took one look at them and laughed

pointing his gun at them

They stood in shock

completely numb

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Screams turned to silence

Bodies fell, neighbors, tutors, siblings, cousins… Children.

Finally everything stopped as the noise came to an end

Red spread everywhere

red from young ones, red from old ones,

red from black, red from white, red from all

What had seemed like forever was finally over, or so we thought

Bottled up pain finally broke through

We have lost so much, so many

Alyssa, Martin, Nicholas, Jamie, Luke,

Cara, Joaquin, Carmen, just to name a few of the amazing souls

who were here, and are now gone

We are done taking this abuse

You need to make sure there isn’t another one like Cruz.

Oh wait, it’s not YOU who’s going to make the change because

WE HAVE endured the pain for too long now

WE have had it.


Age, race, gender, nothing will keep us apart now

For we have come together and we are breaking the barriers

We’ve waited so long for you to do something

But now it’s time for US to take charge

We are taking a huge step in the only direction left to go, forward.

You may support us if you wish, or can keep hiding behind that big title of yours.

You choose.

The time has come.

Enough is enough.

Entering The Sea

My journey begins as I step into the halls,

in a place where I know barely anyone at all

I feel like a ship, stranded at sea,

trying to hard to be set free

But I know that one day I will reach the shore,

And learn exactly where and what I stand for

There is no doubt that the vast sea scares me,

but there’s one thing that I guarantee…

That I will turn over a new leaf, and start over because

that is my goal and this is who I want to be

I want to be positive and I want to be happy

I want to leave Amador with my mark made,

I want my mark to stay, and I will never let it fade.

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I wrote this poem at the beginning of freshman year as an assignment for English, but I did mean it. Starting high school was pretty hard, I really missed all my friends from middle school and I didn’t know what was going on. Sometimes I still miss middle school, but I really love Amador and all the new friends I made. I also thought through this and realized this would be a great opportunity to start over. Maybe I could try to be myself more around people, be brave and not shy, and other small things like that. I am so happy that I decided to do that, it’s working and I feel a lot happier. I can’t wait to have fun all through high school and enjoy more new experiences.

The Sea I See Before Me

The Sea I See Before Me

Ela Kulkarni

The waves roll, engulfing the sand

People lie down, waiting to be tanned

The seagulls cry, loud and clear

Soaring through the sky, with no fear

Kids play and swim in the sea

Running and jumping as though they are free

I stare at the waves, crashing down on the rocks

Feeling like I am finally unboxed

With the wind in my hair

And not a single care

The day comes to an end

As I try to pretend

That this wondrous day

Will come again someday

My spirit will be free

And once again, I will head to the sea


What is a Father?

A father is someone
who is caring and kind

If you ever need help, he’s always there for you
Even when your feeling blue

He paves a path for you
And takes you halfway

He let’s go
when he knows your ready

But he’ll be there,
if you’re ever unsteady

A father is someone
who loves you very much
He has a soft and gentle touch

He takes your hand
And takes a firm stand
Telling you everything will be ok

He lets you know that you have someone to lean on
That will never truly be gone

That’s what I think a father is to me.

– By: Ela Kulkarni

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers! I hope you know how much your kids appreciate you.. Have an awesome day 🙂




A haiku is a Japanese style of poetry in which the author writes three lines of 5,7, and 5 syllables.


Fluttering its wings

Soaring high up in the sky

Its colors shine bright


Joining the others

Leaving a beautiful glow

People look around


Traveling back home

Flashing colors like the sun

Flying up above

Life is Beautiful

life is beautiful

let it be

we are blessed with

a beautiful life

of happiness and prosperity

good, bad, happy or sad

don’t cry when things go wrong

we are the ones

who can bring it along


life is beautiful…

if you know where to look

start with yourself

change the world

and make it better


life is like a rainbow

colorful and bright

even though there are grays

hang in there, because

tomorrow will always

be a brand new day


at times

life may fail to be perfect


it never fails to be beautiful

life is beautiful

let it be

Baby Rain

This was my first poem, I wrote it when I was in 3rd grade. It got selected and published in the Young American Poetry Digest ! Would love to have your comments !!

I saw
A rainbow 
This morning !
Hiding  behind 
A  leafless tree.
Calling me !
To climb upon…
Fly in to the sky,
to play
with the the birds
to dance
in the baby rain
just coming out
from the Mama cloud.
                                   by :Ela Kulkarni