Wizard for a Night

This is a short story I had started in the summer, but finished just a few days ago. It is a fantasy story with lots of action and adventure. I hope you like it!

Ela Kulkarni

March 12, 2017

8th Grade


Wizard for a Night      pretty-witch-hat-png-image-10616

It was a dark and gloomy day when Jacob and his friend Billy were walking home from school in Oakland. Jacob was glad it was a Friday, because he didn’t want to go back to school anytime soon. He said bye to Billy and kept walking a few more blocks until he reached his house, which was right next to the ship yard. He got to the front door, pulled out his keys, and opened the door. “I’m home!” he said.


“Hi honey!” replied his mom, from her room upstairs, “Would you like something to eat?”


“No, I’m fine.” Jacob answered. He put his backpack down, and plopped onto the couch. He flipped to CNN and started watching the news right when the bell rang. “Ring! Ring!” “Coming!” Jacob said, He walked to the door and looked through the peep-hole. It was the army general.


“Hello Jacob,”  said General Isaac, in the same gruff and firm voice as always.


“What do you want?” Jacob asked irritated. He didn’t mean to be rude, but every time he saw the general, he was reminded of what had happened to his father in the army. Even though he knew it wasn’t the general’s fault, he couldn’t help but connect his father’s death to the general.


“We need to show you something.” the General said.


“Who is it honey?” Jacob’s mom asked as she was coming down the stairs. She was wearing the light blue t-shirt, Mark, Jacob’s dad, had gotten for her. The minute she saw the general, she froze. “Oh, um.. Hello General Isaac…. Is there a problem?” she asked, worried.


“No Angela, there’s no need to worry,” General Isaac answered. “We just needed to take Jacob to headquarters to show him something important…. you should come along too.”


“Yeah, sure. But what is this about? Does it have to do with Mark?” Angela asked getting even more worried by the minute.

“I can’t explain it. Come.” the general said sternly. Jacob and his mom followed the general back to the car. After about 10 minutes they were at headquarters. All of them got out of the car and headed inside. They walked into a room that had tons of computers and electronics.


“Open the file.” commanded General Isaac to one of the workers sitting at the desk. On the huge screen in front of them, pictures of another world started popping up. Some showed happiness and prosperity and others showed a dark and gloomy atmosphere.


“Why are you showing me this?” Jacob asked.


“Because you’re the one who’s going to fix it.” said the general.


“What!?” Jacob and his mom cried at the same time.


“This looks like a fantasy world? Is this some sort of joke?” Jacob asked.


“I wouldn’t have brought you all the way to headquarters if this was a joke.” the General replied frustrated.


“Where is this? And how can you possibly believe Jacob could fix this?” Angela asked.


“I know that Jacob can fix this,” the general sighed, then calmly said, “Mark…” he paused. “Mark didn’t fight in the U.S army, he was fighting for Magic World’s army.”  Jacob and his mom just stared at General Isaac.


“Magicworld? what – where’s that?” Jacob asked, confused.


“Okay, let’s start from the beginning…” said the general. “There are two worlds of magic, the good side, is called Magic World, and the other world, the bad side, is called Dark Magic World. The ruler of Dark Magic World, Regina, has been trying to take over Magic World for years but has never succeeded. But seeing these pictures that show the future, we can see that this time she will succeed… but we are hoping, that you can stop her.”


“But why me?” Jacob asked.


“Look at your right wrist…” the general said.


Jacob lifted his arm. “Yeah, the moon birthmark, I’ve had it since I was born.” he said.


“Well that moon tattoo tells us that you’re a wizard, just like your dad.” General Isaac answered.


Jacob just stared at the general.


“And your dad… He was killed by one of Regina’s men.”  The general let that sink in and then said, “We need to get you to the School of Magic as soon as possible. You’ll be training with our best wizard, Shawn McMillan.”


“Hold on!” Jacob’s mom, who had been quiet for a while, said in a commanding voice. “You’re not taking my son anywhere!” she yelled as she tightly held Jacob’s hand, and pulled him close to her. Though he was 5 inches taller than her, Angela always felt the need to protect him… after what had happened to Jacob’s father.


“You don’t understand Angela…” the general said. “We need a group of highly trained wizards to take down Regina and her army.


“I — I just can’t let him go!” Angela said, her eyes filling with tears. Jacob gently put his hand on her shoulder and said, “Mom. Dad would’ve wanted me to do this.” She sniffled then grabbed Jacob into a tight hug, which he immediately returned.


“Open the door to the portal.” General Isaac directed.


One of the cadets walked over to the wall and used a button, that split the wall open, revealing a huge room. The general gestured for Jacob and his mom to follow.


“What’s this room for?” Jacob asked, as his mom was still firmly holding his hand.


“This is where the portal to Magic World is.” General Isaac answered calmly. The general walked over to a scanner put his hand down and typed in a password. The machine churned and a huge portal opened.


Jacob and his mom stood there, awestruck.


They all walked through the portal and stepped out into Magic World. There wasn’t really a word to explain it other than, magical. There were people flying around on brooms, kids turning each other into animals at the flick of their wrist, and people reciting spells.


It was amazing.


Jacob saw a gigantic sign that read School of Magic. They walked through the door into a glorious building.

“Hi! I’m Shawn!” said a man who was wearing a dark blue cloak, and running at them. “I’m going to be your teacher! Wait no.. your mentor! That sounds cooler” he said, breathlessly, while shaking Jacob’s hand violently. Shawn and Jacob walked over to a classroom and immediately started to train.


In just one month, Jacob had made lots of friends. But there were 3 that were really special… Lizzy, Frank, and Dean. They were also wizards in training and eventually became Jacob’s best friends at the School of Magic. Lizzy was an adventurous and wild spirit, while Frank was the opposite, he was very studious and liked to stick to the rules. Dean was a different guy, he was caring friend but he had an unfortunate past. His parents put him up for adoption, he was moved from one foster to home to another every month, and never felt like he fit in. But that was until he got to Magic World. The 3 of them were inseparable, they even had almost every class together.

Their next class was with Professor Nathaniel Lance, the head of the study of Dark Magic (forbidden magic in Magic World). Professor Lance was a tall and lean man, with black glasses that sagged down on his face. He always looked tired and like he was distantly thinking of something. But whenever Professor Lance smiled, the students got a warm and fuzzy feeling, he was a nice man that had been through a lot. He had fought with Mark, Jacob’s dad, in the war, and was one of the few soldiers that made it out alive. Going through the war was a very hard time for him, especially because he didn’t have anyone to talk to.

Jacob, Lizzy, Frank, and Dean walked into room B114 and sat in their seats. Professor Lance greeted them all by saying “Good morning!” very cheerfully. “Today, we will be learning about the origin of all Dark Magic.” the professor said, while looking each student in the eye. “Now, please break out into groups of 3 and open your textbooks to page 243.” Jacob, Lizzy, and Frank all sat close to each other, so they huddled together at one table. After a few seconds Dean came over. “Oh! Sorry Dean!” Lizzy said sympathetically. “You can ask Professor Lance if we can be a group of 4.” Frank suggested. “Um, no that’s fine” Dean replied, trying to force a smile. “Next time we have to break up into groups of 3 we can alternate who is in it.” Jacob said acknowledging the dismay on Dean’s face. “Uh, sure.” Dean responded. He walked over to another group and sat down.

After class they all went down to the mess hall for dinner. As they got to the table, Dean said, “I’m not hungry right now. You guys eat. I’ll be in my room.” “Is everything alright?” Lizzy and Frank asked at the same time. “Yeah, I’m just gonna go study for our wand test tomorrow morning.” which sounded like an excuse to be alone. “WAIT WHAT!?” cried Jacob loudly, as everyone in the hall turned to look at him. “Sorry.” he said sheepishly. “Wait, we have a test tomorrow?” he asked nervously. “Yup! ‘Using a Wand’ final.” Lizzy replied, as she imitated Professor McCarthy in his gruff voice when she said “Using a Wand” final. “How do I not know these things!” Jacob said while running his hands through his thick, dark, brown hair. “It’s ok. I’m sure you’ll do great!” Frank said, trying to reassure him. While the 3 of them were talking, they hadn’t noticed that Dean had slipped away. But the only thing on Jacob’s mind was to study, so he immediately went to his dorm and started to study for his exam the next morning.

After taking the final, Jacob regrouped with his friends and they talked about how the test was. Suddenly the clock on the wall caught Jacob’s eye and he realized he was late for his private session with Shawn. They brushed up on the basics, did some wand practice, practiced a few spells, and went over the battle plan they had come up with together. Later, when the lesson was over, Shawn confidently said, “You’re ready.” “It’s only been a month!” Jacob cried. “How can I possibly know everything?” “Trust me,” Shawn replied calmly, “You’re ready.” Just thinking of fighting Regina, the evil witch who ‘ran’ Dark Magic World, made Jacob’s head spin.

That night Jacob laid awake wondering if he was really prepared or not. He told himself he couldn’t do it, and decided to run away. He tip-toed out through the door and slowly walked around trying to find the portal back to his home. Little did he know, he was walking right into the Forest of Fears, which was told to every student, never to enter.

The Forest of Fears is a place that reminds you of all your fears, and it’s the connection from Magic World to Dark Magic World…  Most people who venture through, are haunted for the rest of their life.

A few minutes after he walked into the forest voices started telling him he could never escape his fate… Which was to be defeated by Regina. Jacob didn’t know what was happening and slumped down where he was standing. He put his hands over his ears, and began telling himself it wasn’t real and that it was all fake. “It’s just the voices in my head. They’re lying. They’re lying. THEY’RE LYING!!!” cried Jacob as he sobbed on the ground. Suddenly a little firefly-like creature came to him. “Who are you?” Jacob asked. It did not reply. “Um.. Hellooooo?! Who are you?” Suddenly a thought came into Jacob’s mind. “Hey! If Principal Hawking sent you, and you’re here to take me back –” Jacob had almost finished his sentence when the light on the little firefly started to flicker rapidly. “Wha- what’s happening?” Asked Jacob, slightly frightened.He hadn’t realized that the voices in his head were gone.

Out of nowhere dozens of fireflies came rushing out from the trees. Jacob was very confused when suddenly the fireflies started to circle around him. They went faster and faster each time, until, finally, Jacob started to slowly rise up into the air. They created a cocoon around him and kept flying in circles. In a flash, all of Jacob’s memories swirled around him. He felt a wave of millions of different emotions, happiness, sadness, fear, insecurity, greed, jealousy, everything! He was overcome with feelings and he couldn’t understand what was going on. He got a feeling that they were trying to give him a message, but he just didn’t know what.

Slowly, a bright light started coming down towards Jacob and he closed his eyes. Right at that moment Jacob knew, he knew his role in Magic World, and he knew the part he had to play. And just like they came, the fireflies dispersed into different parts of the forest.

Sprinting as fast as he could, Jacob started running back to the School of Magic. As he was trying to find his way back, all of a sudden he bumped into someone. His hand went straight to his pocket and he pulled out his wand. “Stay away! I have magic and I’m not afraid to use it!” he yelled. “I don’t want to hurt you.” a voice replied back from the dark. “Show yourself.” Jacob commanded. A beautiful girl, about Jacob’s age, with blonde hair stepped out into the light. “I’m not going to hurt you.” she repeated, “So please don’t hurt me.” Jacob just stared at her. “Um. Hello?” she asked. “Uh, yeah.. Sorry! I’m Jacob, what’s your name.” he asked. “I’m Paige.” she replied. “I’m kinda lost, can you help me?” she asked him, as her blue eyes shone in the moonlight. “Yeah! Sure! Where do you have to go?” Jacob inquired. “I –” Paige paused, remembering he might be from Magic World. “Actually, never mind. I’ll find my way back.” Paige said slowly backing away. “I can help.” Jacob offered. “No, really, it’s fine.” Paige replied and disappeared into to the darkness. “Weird.” Jacob thought to himself as he started walking again.

He saw the moon embellishment on top of the spike at the school and started running towards it. He knew what was coming for him, and boy was it bad… But that didn’t stop him from helping innocent people, and avenging his father’s death. He ran through the corridor and into his room. Jacob put on his pajamas and slid into his soft sheets. He knew nothing would be the same tomorrow. But Jacob couldn’t stop thinking about Paige. He forced himself to sleep, for he had to fight a tough battle the next day.

He woke up the next day at the sound of a fog horn. He got out of bed and put on some jeans and a t-shirt. He knew the drill, he had went over it with Shawn a million times, but he still had an uneasy feeling in his stomach. Every wizard was supposed to meet in the mess hall and form a single file line behind their advisement teacher, which for Jacob, was Professor Lance. He saw Lizzy and Frank, but not Dean. Jacob reached them and asked, “Have any of you seen Dean?” “No.” Not me.” replied Lizzy and Frank. “Today is a historic day.” a loud voice boomed. Everyone turned to look at Principal Hawking. She was standing on the podium wearing a long robe with a crescent moon brooch on the right side. “All of you are here to play your part in saving Magic World. I know a lot of you are nervous… It’s ok to be scared. But remember, always do your best. No amount of help is too less. We need all the help we can get. I want to thank you all for risking your lives to save all of us here at Magic World. Thank you, and good luck!” as Principal Hawking finished her inspirational speech, the students were led through corridor #4 to the underground rooms. They were instructed to put on their war gear and stand outside and wait for further instruction. At this point, Jacob, Lizzy, and Frank were getting really worried about Dean. Where was he? Was he safe? All of these thoughts were racing through Jacob’s mind. He pushed them aside and focused on preparing himself for the war they were about to fight. He tried to remember all of his happy memories: his mom, his dad, their whole family, his friends. But the first thing that came to his mind was Paige. He didn’t know why, but he couldn’t help but feel she was in trouble. Jacob had just met her the day before, but he immediately felt a strong connection with her.

Their army’s battle plan was to go through the Forest of Fears and into the castle through the back. They were going to use special headphone-like devices to block out the voices from getting in their head. Thankfully they had the element of surprise on their side, or so they thought.

As the troops were making their way through the forest, Lindsey Cohen, another student, yelled “FIREBALL!!!!!”. Everyone looked up and saw almost a dozen fireballs coming at them.  “How did they know?” Frank asked frantically. “I don’t know! Someone must have tipped them off!” Lizzy cried. “It’s over, there’s no way we can make it!” Frank groaned. “RETREAT!” cried Shawn. In just a millisecond all the troops faced Magic World and started to retreat. They all believed there was no hope left for Magic World. Suddenly an idea popped into Jacob’s mind. “Wait! I have a plan. Lizzy, Frank, gather 20 of the best wizards next to that tree over their.” Jacob ordered. The 2 of them immediately started picking people out and gathering them next to the tree. Jacob climbed on top of the tallest rock he could find and started addressing the crowd. “HEY! EVERYONE!” Jacob yelled at the top of his lungs, to get everyone’s attention. Everyone stopped in their tracks and looked back to see who was yelling out orders to them. They expected it to be Shawn, but when they turned around to see Jacob, a surprised look came over the crowd. “USE YOUR WANDS AND CREATE A GIGANTIC FORCE FIELD! EVERYONE HAS TO PUT IT 110% IN ORDER FOR THIS TO WORK.” He directed students to different parts of the forest and told them to spread out. The front forces were holding off the fireballs, but were getting weaker and weaker by the minute. “OKAY. HERE’S HOW IT’S GOING TO WORK. THERE WILL BE 2 GROUPS OF 100. YOU ARE GROUP 1” he screamed as he pointed to a bunch of students on the right. “AND YOU ARE GROUP 2”. He yelled as he pointed to the other group. “ONE GROUP AT A TIME, YOU WILL CREATE A FORCE FIELD WITH EVERY OUNCE OF MAGIC YOU HAVE TO KEEP DARK MAGIC WORLD’S FORCES FROM GETTING INTO MAGIC WORLD. ONCE GROUP 1 GETS TIRED, GROUP 2, YOU IMMEDIATELY STEP IN AND USE ALL OF YOUR POWER. THERE ARE GROUPS OF 10 WIZARDS ON THE SIDE OF EACH GROUP WHO WILL FIGHT BACK WITH MAGIC. KEEP REPEATING THE PROCESS UNTIL DARK MAGIC WORLD’S ARMY RUNS OUT OF JUICE! DO YOU UNDERSTAND!?” Jacob blared. “YEEEESSSSSS SIRRR!” the students replied. They instantly created a forcefield to keep away the fireballs and the army. His plan was working so far.


Jacob waved at Lizzy and Frank to bring over the group of 20 wizards. “Ok. Here’s what we’re going to do.” he explained quietly while they were hiding in a small cave. “We are going to go through the tunnel that runs underground. It goes straight to the throne room — where Regina is. He heard a few gasps. “It’s ok guys. We are an elite team of the best wizards. We can do this.” That seemed to calm them down a bit. “Alright Louis and Arnold, open up a hole big enough for everyone to get through one by one. Lizzy create a small fire so we can see where we’re going. The rest of you, follow me into the tunnel.” Jacob hoped he knew what he was doing. They crawled through the tunnel and reached the throne room. “We’re here. Is everyone ready?” Jacob asked. He got a few nods. “Louis, Arnold..” he gestured for them to open up another hole for them to climb out. They all ran out and charged at the queen.

Her forces charged back. Wands clashed, fireballs were thrown, and spells were said. Out of the corner of his eye, Jacob saw Dean standing next to the queen, smirking. “All this time,” he thought “Dean was playing us! It all makes sense. Regina knew we were coming! That twisted –” before he could finish his thought he saw someone’s sword almost jab him in the back. He saw the queen slipping away. “THE QUEEN IS GETTING AWAY!” he yelled. The wizards kept fighting and slowly moved towards the door. “FRANK! DO IT NOW!” yelled Lizzy. Frank mustered up all the power he had and created a huge explosion blowing the guards away and making an enormous hole in the wall. “WOW!” exclaimed Lizzy! Jacob gave Frank a firm nod and said “Come on. Let’s go before the queen gets away.”


They ran after the queen, when suddenly someone pulled Jacob into a room. “HEY! WHAT THE HECK! WHO –” Jacob screamed. He turned around to see Paige’s face. “Oh! What are you — How?” he rambled on. “Shhh!” Paige put her finger over her mouth. “I know how you can defeat my mom.” she said. “Wait what? You mom’s Regina?” Jacob asked in a daze. Paige nodded. “Chasing her won’t accomplish anything. You need to use this.” she slowly pulled a blue gem out of her pocket. “It’s zircon. A type of gem that she is weakened by. If you can get this into her heart, she won’t be able to survive.” Paige said. “You want you mom to die?” Jacob asked confused. “She has hurt so many people, she deserves to.” she replied. “But –” Jacob started. “HURRY!” Paige yelled. Jacob took the zircon and rushed to catch up with the others.

bluezircon  ZIRCON

He entered a majestic room filled with diamond everywhere. He saw the wizards fighting with the queen and Dean. He had to find some way to get the zircon in Regina. Jacob realized if there was a distraction he could get it into her from her back. He asked Lizzy and Frank to create a distraction with the others while he made his way behind the queen. He had finally got there, when Dean stepped in front of him. “Oh I don’t think so.” he said. He flicked his wrist and Jacob went flying. Jacob got up, regained his strength, and ran back. He created a shield and glued Dean’s feet to the ground and knocked him out with magic. He finally got to the back of the queen and smashed the zircon into her back. As the two collided, a colossal spark of green light shone through Regina. “YOU!” she roared as she pointed at Jacob.


Gradually she disintegrated into a pile of ashes. “You did it!” cried Paige as she was running towards Jacob. She hugged him tightly and said, “I knew you could do it!” He smiled and hugged her back. They all headed back to Magic World and were honored for the bravery. As he was packing up his things to go back to Oakland, he sat down and thought to himself, “I actually did it. All of these people, they believed in me. I’m not just some ordinary kid who doesn’t matter.” With a smile on his face, he rolled his suitcase outside, said bye to all of his friends and said he would come back after summer. He met all of his professors and they congratulated him.

He made his way to the portal, looked back at the vast land of Magic World at peace and prosperity, and quietly said, “We did it dad.” Just as he said that, a ship’s fog horn sounded, and Jacob woke up.


The End.