Baby Rain

This was my first poem, I wrote it when I was in 3rd grade. It got selected and published in the Young American Poetry Digest ! Would love to have your comments !!

I saw
A rainbow 
This morning !
Hiding  behind 
A  leafless tree.
Calling me !
To climb upon…
Fly in to the sky,
to play
with the the birds
to dance
in the baby rain
just coming out
from the Mama cloud.
                                   by :Ela Kulkarni

Hello world!

I am Ela !

Ever since I was told that “Ela” means “The Earth” in Sanskrit, I have been fascinated by it.

I want to grow up and be an astronaut. Well, at least that is what I have decided right now. And also an Olympic swimmer, if I get time from my studies to become an astronaut.

I get a lot of ideas, all the time. My Dad keeps telling me to write them down and I keep forgetting to do so. Not any more. This, my first ever blog will be the place I will write all my ideas down. That way, all of you can read about them and tell me what you think.

So here goes…read on….