Feel the Music ….

Music lets you express yourself and inspires you to go above and beyond. To feel the magic of musical inspiration please do try this experiment. Doing this experiment let me unleash my potential and let my creativity be free.

An Alternate World :


The first thing that comes to my mind when I look at my this piece of artwork is… An Alternate world. It shows life, and how you can, or should, look at things in a different perspective.

I created this “Alternate world” by closing my eyes and listening to a beautiful piece while my hands gracefully sketched my feelings onto the paper.

I chose “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik” by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. I chose this song because it feels like you’re in this happy, carefree world. Not worrying about anything, just enjoying yourself. It felt very self-explanatory by unraveling itself as it gets deeper and deeper into the piece. It makes you lighten up and feel more energetic.

I colored my piece randomly. Yes, I said randomly. I took all my colored pencils in my hand and closed my eyes and picked one and colored the shape in. Even though I didn’t look at the colors I made sure that no color was next to the same color. The designs I added after I finished “conducting” on my paper were things you’d see in an everyday life. For example a theater to show diversity and talent, an eye to show to change your perspective on things, a hill with a girl on top to show you can do it. It represents what’s inside me. My picture shows the way the song felt to me by letting me express myself. This project was called “Feel The Music”, and I absolutely loved it!

This project is very simple, all you have to do is pick out a piece of music, close your eyes and let your hands draw what they feel. When the music is over look over your piece and start coloring it with any colors you want. After coloring the artwork add some other final touches and “Voila!”

Thank you for reading my thoughts 🙂

Ela Kulkarni


Quality vs Quantity

When I was in 6th grade last year I wrote an essay for Language Arts. My teacher told me to write about something new, unheard of, unique. So I kept on thinking for days and days… I still couldn’t think of anything! Finally I went to my mom and asked her for help. She gave me an idea no one would have done. And the idea was “Longer Lifespans… Yes or No?” I worked really hard on the idea and the conclusion I came to was, “We shouldn’t try to increase our given lifespan… Instead we should increase the quality of the life time we have.”

 The Ultimate Threat To Humankind

 By:Ela Kulkarni

        Technology. If you haven’t realized yet, our whole world revolves around technology. It’s used for medical science, work, school, science, math, programming, and basically everything. But my question is, Should we really use technology to increase human lifespans?. It’s a two-sided argument, and there are many explanations for each side.

Medical Technology is Very Important

       First of all, medical technology is one of the foundations of the American health care system. Obviously increasing our lifespans can’t happen without technology. For example if someone is born without legs, we can give them legs with surgery… That would be considered as technology. Even for minor problems, like counting calories, we need to make technologies available to help people manage their own health. There are many examples of technology increasing lifespans in our world today. Like surgery, body part replacement, etc.

The Worst Boredom

           On the other hand, a writer, Gemma Malley, thinks that we shouldn’t use technology to increase life spans… or in that case increase life spans at all. I agree with this because depression is mostly common among retired people. Not just because their income is low, or because they are having a more relaxed and luxurious life than their children. It’s because once you retire you feel like you have no need to live anymore, or no purpose in life. Gemma Malley went to a retirement convention and interviewed a man who had been retired for a while. Here is what he thought about retirement, “I thought my hobbies would expand to fill my days. But it turns out golf isn’t so much fun when there’s all it is. I used to long for time to get my handicap down; now I’ve got all the time in the world and I barely play.” The message that this sent to me is that retirement isn’t really what you think it is.

Is it Really Worth it?

          Lastly, increasing the human lifespan is unnatural and bad for the system of the world’s population. Even if we would want to increase the human lifespan we can’t increase our childhood, or our adulthood, we can only expand our old age. Is old age what you really want, staying bored all the time, not knowing what to do, not having the desire to live? We have so many pains when we get old; back pain, knee pain, this pain, that pain. We might have all the time in the world but do the elderly really enjoy it? If they don’t then the next generations will have to suffer if we do find a cure to make you stay old for long. If we want the next human generations to stay ‘natural’ and ‘pure’ we should let life do it’s thing. Trying to ‘fix’ the life cycle isn’t right. Instead of fixing it we’re ruining it.


          What I finally conclude to is that using technology, or just in general, increasing the human lifespan is a bad idea. I think so because what will we do once we can live forever, relax? Won’t you get bored with that soon? Life isn’t as fun as you think it would be, plus it would ruin the future of the generations of humans ahead of us. It would ruin their futures because they would have to suffer the boredom and not have a desire to live anymore. What I got from one of the articles was that living longer could just make it life worse. In history we were learning about China, and there was an ancient Chinese king who wanted to live forever. He would go miles and miles away from his home to drink potions and gimmicks, but in the end… he died. And not because of murder or anything, just natural causes. This tells me that even though living forever sounds awesome, it really isn’t. Live life to the fullest and have fun, but don’t stretch it too much and be greedy. We should use technology to make our lives better and happier, not to make them longer. The most likely explanation seems to be that technology is amazing and helps us live our lives and fulfill them, but after that what? Once we get old what happens? I’m not saying technology and other sources can’t increase life spans, I’m saying that once we increase the lifespan our lives will be ruined.


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Baby Rain

This was my first poem, I wrote it when I was in 3rd grade. It got selected and published in the Young American Poetry Digest ! Would love to have your comments !!

I saw
A rainbow 
This morning !
Hiding  behind 
A  leafless tree.
Calling me !
To climb upon…
Fly in to the sky,
to play
with the the birds
to dance
in the baby rain
just coming out
from the Mama cloud.
                                   by :Ela Kulkarni

Hello world!

I am Ela !

Ever since I was told that “Ela” means “The Earth” in Sanskrit, I have been fascinated by it.

I want to grow up and be an astronaut. Well, at least that is what I have decided right now. And also an Olympic swimmer, if I get time from my studies to become an astronaut.

I get a lot of ideas, all the time. My Dad keeps telling me to write them down and I keep forgetting to do so. Not any more. This, my first ever blog will be the place I will write all my ideas down. That way, all of you can read about them and tell me what you think.

So here goes…read on….